domingo, 26 de junho de 2011

Nail Painting Tutorial: Independence Day

I am going to attempt to explain how I managed to paint the American Flag on my thumbnail.

For some reason, I decided to paint the American flag my thumbnail (and only my thumbnail). The reasonable excuse for this was that I was very patriotic. However, I am not American. The truth would be that I was ridiculously bored. But I am making the fact that today is Independence Day as an excuse for my odd behaviour.
What you will need:
  • A base coat
  • White, Red and Blue nail polish
  • A fine paint brush
  • Nail polish remover
First off, apply a base coat over your nails. This is to protect your nails from staining.
Then, after it has dried, cover the entire nail with white nail polish.

After it has completely dried, use a fine brush and paint thin, red stripes horizontally across the entire nail.

Then, paint a thick, navy square on the top left corner of your nail. It is easier to use the thick brush attached to the cap of the nail polish than to use a fine brush. Just personal preference.

After that has completely dried, use the fine brush again to draw small dots with the white polish (these are meant to be the stars, but that is much too difficult).

(If you make mistakes, just use the nail polish remover to correct it. Also use it to clean the paintbrush, as if left to dry, will ruin the bristles)

how mine turned out
Happy 4th of July!

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